Monthly Archives: January 2012

Last peek , show is tonight!

So I was too busy to post last nite, left gallery at 2:45am,   but here’s a few coming attractions without giving too much away (I am not posting the kick ass shit I am insanely excited about showing because I want you to come here and see it in person, i’ll post everything after the opening). Tonight will be awesome. I hope to see you all there. I’d like to thank my family for bearing with me while I was absent from home so much. If you can’t make the show, it will be up til the end of Feb. come by and check it out, Enjoy-

Urban Folk Art© Gallery, 101 Smith Street, South Brooklyn

It’s a Bat!

4 Bridges that lad to Brooklyn pin pack

The infamous Pint Glass series

Painting close up

See you there!

3rd peek, I am too busy to be messing with you guys

I am not sure if what I need to finish will be done at this point, but here’s a peek-e boo of something that is done and done. A 4 pin set of the 4 bridges that lead to Brooklyn. These will be available at the show and eventually elsewhere- Cheers-



Sneak peek #2, 3 days until solo opening, yo.

Here is a close up of a much larger drawing. Damn it’s taking me a long time on this one.. Stay posted, we have a good one coming tomorrow!- Ad


4 days until my solo show, sneak peek time!

So I have a few days left until my solo show/ UFA© Gallery first anniversary party, so I figured each day i’ll post something that will be at the show, wether it be merch or new art. Here’s the first thing. I compiled 50 photos of Brooklyn Bridge tattoos I have done on people, and put it into a small 8″ square self published DIY like book. It will be available at the show, and later i’ll post where it can be bought online, and it will always be available at the shop. Check it out!- Adam



Invite for Upcoming Solo Show Revealed!

Well, There you go. It’s official. The Anniversary of the Gallery show will be the collected works of yours truly. I have been working hard coming up with a bunch of new stuff. I have been sick for a bit, so it’s set me back. But hopefully I will see a bunch of you there. It’s been a long first year for the gallery, but we are going strong. Come check us out!