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Under Construction


I haven’t posted anything in quite awhile, I know! I’m trying my best to revise my website as soon as I can with new updates and such.. In the meantime, here’s a Commission I finished a couple months ago for Jerome. It’;s 24″X18″, pen and ink and black colored pencil on Bristol.  He wanted a view of Brooklyn from where he lives, and zooming towards the east River and Manhattan in the background. I am always up for commissions, Personal work, illustration, logos, t-shirt designs, product design, never hesitate to get in touch about anything I can draw for you. Cheers!


In the meantime, if you want to see some current work, please follow me on instagram


and the gallery and shop



and always check the online shop for original work and Merchandise.


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New Show up through February at UFA® Gallery

The 3rd Anniversary of Urban Folk Art® Gallery was in late Jan. The show is up through Feb, and features current work by myself and Urban Folk Art® Studios co founder Jason Mitchell. You can see the full catalog here. Below is a couple large-ish paintings I did recently (as in finished the day of the opening! and here’s a opening recap on the studio’s blog. check it!

 ”New and the Old” 24″X36″ Acrylic on canvas.

This is the view i see every morning walking back from my work out. I see it as I am about to walk across the Carroll Street bridge over the Gowanus canal. The Church is St. Agnes (built in 1905) and  1 World Trade Center in lower Manhattan while it was in the midst of being completed last year (2013).

“Inception” 24″X36″ Acrylic on Canvas

This was more just messing around with the city mandal-y images I have been playing with. It’s the first time I had ever painted sneakers, and was a lot of fun (although at times seemed never ending). More than a couple people remarked, while I was painting it, that it reminded them of the movie ‘Inception’, so that’s where the title came from.

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I am on the cover (and covered) in the inaugural issue of The Brooklyn Spectator

I was interviewed and there’s a layout of my work in the first printed issue of The Brooklyn Spectator. Thanks to Heather Chin for asking me to be a part. You can check out the issue online here, or find it all over Brooklyn!


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I have taken to painting upstairs in the gallery lately

As opposed to the basement, better light, more room.

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First actual post with any forethought, welcome to Adamsuerte.com. Xmas eve 2011

One of my birthday cakes

So I turned 42 last week. I couldn’t say my life is going directly accordning to plan, but everything has been looking up. My daughter is 15 months in Dec, my other girls are growing at an alrming rate, I am finding more time (or making more time) to make my own art. The gallery I started last year is progressing, and I am learning the ins and outs of marketing and promotion. I am helping to get other worthy artists work out into public view the way I wished someone had done for me when I was starting out. The tattoo shop can almost run itself  (thankfully it’s right next to the gallery and I have 2 great partners). Everything is moving along, and the only struggle seeems to be finding balance with everything. I am changing my website into a blog (thanks to Michelle), so my audience (whomever that may be) can get an inside look at anything from my family to my process, the different projects I get to work on, to simply an occasional look into my sketchbook. I want to thank all my supporters, from my family and friends, to my patrons, fans and artistsic peers. None of any of what I have done could have been done alone. Carry on.

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