New Show up through February at UFA® Gallery

The 3rd Anniversary of Urban Folk Art® Gallery was in late Jan. The show is up through Feb, and features current work by myself and Urban Folk Art® Studios co founder Jason Mitchell. You can see the full catalog here. Below is a couple large-ish paintings I did recently (as in finished the day of the opening! and here’s a opening recap on the studio’s blog. check it!

 ”New and the Old” 24″X36″ Acrylic on canvas.

This is the view i see every morning walking back from my work out. I see it as I am about to walk across the Carroll Street bridge over the Gowanus canal. The Church is St. Agnes (built in 1905) and  1 World Trade Center in lower Manhattan while it was in the midst of being completed last year (2013).

“Inception” 24″X36″ Acrylic on Canvas

This was more just messing around with the city mandal-y images I have been playing with. It’s the first time I had ever painted sneakers, and was a lot of fun (although at times seemed never ending). More than a couple people remarked, while I was painting it, that it reminded them of the movie ‘Inception’, so that’s where the title came from.

Illustration for Restaurant Hollow Nickel

I was asked to do a tshirt illustration for a great local restaurant Hollow Nickel. The true story behind the name is great. Basically, back in the early 1950′s a paperboy collecting for the Brooklyn Eagle dropped a nickel that fell on the ground and turned out to be hollow. Inside was microfilm from the KGB. The whole story can be read here, it’s pretty nuts, and very cool that the name was derived from local noir. They made tshirts of the design for the Atlantic Antic this year, and are likely still available at the restaurant. (494 Atlantic Ave).

Robot Painting

I was included in a group artshow who’s theme was “the future that never was”. It was basically the future as the 1950’s saw it. It was at 8 of Swords, a great tattoo studio/art gallery that has been kind enough to include me in some of their anniversary group shows. I did this robot guy, with my trademark Brooklyn landscapes behind it, and the the ol’ Mickey Mouse middle finger gag just for laughs. I was almost relieved that it didn’t sell so I could get some good pics of it. Anyone interested, get @ me, but my 3 year old is really into robots, so you better really want it!




A fun tattoo i did recently

I don’t usually do figures, but had a lot of fun doing this one on an old friend of mine, and one of the original Urban Folk Art® Studio members, Chris.

Brooklyn Bridge 130th anniversary group art show May 25th

This Friday, May 25th I am curating our gallery’s  yearly group art show celebrating the Brooklyn Bridge’s 130th anniversary. I have always been a hige fan of the Brooklyn bridge, as evidenced in my work, tattoo wise, as well as my illustration and painting. In Feb I acquired some surplus paint from as auction the NY Dept of Transit was having. I have asked all the 40+ artists to use the paint in their work. I also have repackaged some of the ‘surplus’ surplus, and will be selling it at the show and gallery afterwards. It’s bee a lot of fun designing the package design, and the media has been pretty interested in the whole shebang. The show will be up through June, so come check it out, there is some great art in there by some awesome artists.

 some press so far

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