Adam Suerte Paints Urban Brooklyn

Canvas comes in many forms. It can be pliable, absorbent, water-resistant, uneven or smooth. It can be made of linen or vinyl, paper or plastic, wood or stone. Whatever the material and texture, though, it is up to each artist’s skill and creativity to bring to life what sits in his or her mind’s eye.


Nu Hotel Invites Brooklyn Artists To Create Murals For Themed Guest Rooms

COBBLE HILL — Nu Hotel is adorning its largest guest rooms with murals created by local artists, as a part of a Brooklyn-themed mural program the hotel launched this summer.

Nu Hotel, located at 85 Smith St., has invited Brooklyn-based artists to cover the walls of it’s six largest guest rooms — also called king rooms — with murals depicting a Brooklyn theme, said Jennifer Goodman, sales manager at Nu Hotel.

Tattoo Artist Adam Suerte Talks About The Brewery’s Custom Mural

Over the past year we have been collaborating with artist Adam Suerte on a custom mural for our lounge wall. Suerte is the founder of Urban Folk Art© Studios (an artist collective and gallery) and co founder and co owner of Brooklyn Tattoo®.