Downtown Brooklyn Legends Show

Welcome to my first post on the new website. I have been slow to update it in the past, but with this new format, hopefully I can keep current and keep you coming back to see what’s up, and hopefully, in the near, or distant future, w we can work together!  This painting was done for the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership’s ‘Downtown Brooklyn Legend’ art show in celebration of the DBP’s 10th anniversary supporting and coming up with a variety of things to help the 3 BIDs in Downtown Brooklyn flourish. 

  10 legendary downtown Brooklyn locations or people were chosen to be the subjects of the various artists hand picked by the DBP along with Grumpy Bert, and artist Stephen Powers. Two artists for each Landmark, and the artists, of various mediums, had about 6-8 weeks to complete their works. The show was exhibited in the Brookklyn Historical Society last December. It was fun and challenging to work on this 51”X83” behemoth of the Fulton Mall. A place I went too to shop with my family as a child, bought by hip hip accoutrements when in high school, and where I bring my children today to shop, and make our trips to Juniors (another legendary landmark that as in the show), of family brunches and dinners, like I did when I was little.